Rider Safety Rules

No sharp or pointed objects (including pens, pencils, jewelry, knives, eyeglasses, etc.).

No food, gum, sand, or silly string.  A cleaning fee of $50 will be charged if any of these items are found in the moonbounce.

No eye glasses or shoes.

No smoking.

No flips (neck injury), diving, piling on, or wrestling allowed.

Do not bounce, climb, or hang on the side walls or mesh.

Enter the unit head first.  If you need help an operator will assist in helping you into the moonbounce.  Follow operator’s instructions.

Exit the unit feet first and when using the slide.

Do not enter moonbounce if an operator or attendant is not present.

Do not enter moonbounce if you are pregnant of have physical problems.

If the wind exceeds 20 mph wind gusts, please remove all children from the unit and turn off unit until the wind subsides. This is for the safety of the children!!!

If it starts to rain heavily, please remove all children from the moonbounce, turn off blower, and cover the moonbounce with tarp.  Once the rain subsides, remove the tarp and inflate.

Manufacturer recommendations for number of children in moonbounce at a time is as follows:

Jungle Bounce – 5
Ice Castle – 6
Multi Color Castle – 6
Sports, Princess & EZ Fun House Combo – 5
Tropical Combo – 6
5 in 1 Cars Combo – 7
Obstacle Course – 4
Tropical Obstacle Course – 4
Wrecking Ball – 4

Be Safe! Not Sorry!